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 Keane at the Forum

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PostSubject: Keane at the Forum   Keane at the Forum Icon_minitimeWed Oct 01, 2008 11:30 pm

Wow they were brilliant!! Very Happy
it was for the Q awards and they played a few songs from their new album, and they all sounded amazing so looking forward to that being released
they played the old classics such as:(not in order)
This is the last time
Everybody's changing
Somewhere only we know
Is it any wonder
A bad dream
Atlantic(it was atlantic wasnt it beth?)
Spiralling was brilliant Very Happy

and JESSE!!!! Yay hes adoreable, the new 4th member and he was brilliant
i will add some photos but my laptop is being too slow to add them,
bethbeth? comments?
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PostSubject: Re: Keane at the Forum   Keane at the Forum Icon_minitimeSat Oct 11, 2008 1:46 pm

Ahh I haven't been on here in long! But yes, this gig was INDESCRIBABLY AMAZING. The new songs just sounded SO good live, especially Lovers are Losing and Perfect Symmetry (OMG harmonies <3). And yes, since then, I have been crushing on Jesse quite a bit. Fittie.

I do remember Atlantic getting played. All the old songs sounded even fuller with a bass part played on actual bass guitar. Very Happy

Mystery Jets were a pretty good support act I thought. Two Doors Down especially was mint.

My pics didn't turn out great cos my camera is beyond poor in dark venues (with er... big light shows). But I'll post a few anyway...

Mystery Jets:

Keane at the Forum KeaneTheForum29-9-08036

Keane at the Forum KeaneTheForum29-9-08026

Keane at the Forum KeaneTheForum29-9-08012

Keane at the Forum KeaneTheForum29-9-08040

Keane at the Forum KeaneTheForum29-9-08009


Keane at the Forum KeaneTheForum29-9-08051

Keane at the Forum KeaneTheForum29-9-08113

Keane at the Forum KeaneTheForum29-9-08114

Keane at the Forum KeaneTheForum29-9-08075

Keane at the Forum KeaneTheForum29-9-08101

Keane at the Forum KeaneTheForum29-9-08115

Keane at the Forum KeaneTheForum29-9-08121

Keane at the Forum KeaneTheForum29-9-08095

The rest are available to view on my Flickr account. Smile

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Keane at the Forum
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