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 The 'Peas in a Pod' Game

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PostSubject: The 'Peas in a Pod' Game   The 'Peas in a Pod' Game Icon_minitimeFri Sep 26, 2008 2:28 pm

Ever seen a musician/actor/general celebrity who've made you think hang on, I've seen that face before...?

Harking back to the days of Top of the Pops magazine (sniff)... this is a game which involves spotting celebrity lookalikes - whether they be a musician, actor, sportsperson... whatever.

To start off, here's just a few I've noticed...

Brett Anderson & Carl Barat
Quite shamefully, the first thing I said when I saw Brett Anderson was 'bloody hell, he looks like Carl Barat!'

Since then, I've found out that CB was quite a big fan of Suede... so perhaps it should be the other way round...

The 'Peas in a Pod' Game Brettcarl

Jamie Cullum & Pete Doherty
From one Libertine to another... when I first saw Pete Doherty, the first thing that struck me wasn't his blatent druggie appearance or how he managed to blag a supermodel girlfriend, but how uncannily he resembled that cute little jazzman Jamie Cullum (albeit a dirtier, more drugged up version).

The 'Peas in a Pod' Game Jamiepete

Which one do I think is better looking? Well, I think that question is answered by who still has the supermodel on their arm...

And moving away from the musicians-only area (well, sorta)...

Greg Gilbert & Chris Geere
Ok, so they're not exactly dead ringers... but they're both blonde, ridiculously cute and responsible for stealing Bethany's heart. Oh, and believe it or not, they both have very nice voices. (Admittedly one slightly better than the other... but in all fairness only one of them does it as a profession...)

The 'Peas in a Pod' Game Gregchris

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The 'Peas in a Pod' Game
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