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 Ghosts @ KOKO, Camden 26/10/07

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Ghosts @ KOKO, Camden 26/10/07 Empty
PostSubject: Ghosts @ KOKO, Camden 26/10/07   Ghosts @ KOKO, Camden 26/10/07 Icon_minitimeSat Nov 03, 2007 4:41 pm

Best Ghosts gig ever.
Me and Bethany won a competition so we got free tickets to this gig. I really had my doubts as to wether we'd be able to get in as we aren't 16 yet but both Simon and Robbie had assured us it would be fine and it was.
We had to stand at the side of the stage tho. (I'm not complaining! Very Happy)

The support band were alright. They were called The Departure and I think they were a bit nervous about playing to a pretty big crowd.

Ghosts were fantastic. They played the whole album including Wrapped Up In Little Stars which was amazing. That and Temporary were the highlights of the evening. Oh! and Stay The Night with Johnny's uncle on trumpet!!! It was great.

Then we stood at the side of the stage and din't really know where to go but Johny and Mark said hi and told us how to get the the aftershow party. We hung around in the gallery for a bit and Beth spotted Thirteen Senses wandering around. We then realised that we could go up into the VIP bit with our aftershow wristbands. Very Happy Bethany eventually plucked up the courage to speak to Will from thirteen Senses and we were hanging about looking for a Ghosts member to talk to but we are pathetic so we didn't actually start a conversation.
Then Simon came up to us and started talking which was cool. We talked to him for a while about music and some other things. He inttroduced us to Selina from the Ghosts forum and she was really nice. Despite it being only just gone 11 my Dad said we had to go or we were going to miss the last train home SadSadSad so we said bye and got a hug from Simon. On the way down the stairs we saw Robbie and chatted to him briefly (he recognised us which was wierd...) then we had to leave Sad

I injured myself on numerous ocassions on the way home but all in all it was an absolutely AMAZING night Very Happy

Ghosts @ KOKO, Camden 26/10/07 Lwsig
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Ghosts @ KOKO, Camden 26/10/07
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